Johnny Tedesco is a Melbourne-based Flamenco dancer, director of the Flamenco Performing Arts Studio and dancer/percussionist of the group Arte Kanela Flamenco. He is also the co-founder of the Kanela Flamenco Bar. 


Johnny has worked and toured with local and international artists of diverse genres such as Diana Reyes, Christopher Hale and the Cat Empire. He was personally invited to perform at Australia’s first Ted X event in Sydney, was the recipient of the Australia Council of the Arts Development Grant, and has appeared in the music clips of the Cat Empire’s “Two Shoes” and the Black Sorrow’s“The Chosen Ones”. He formed part of Australian jazz icon 
Christopher Hale’s lauded band Sylvan Coda and supported Flamenco legend Diego el Cigala’s performance at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Johnny has been part of the diverse cultural fabric of Australia and has 

played an active role in the Australian Flamenco community for over

30 years as a Flamenco dancer and artist, and continues to perform

and create new productions for his ensemble, Arte Kanela Flamenco.