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Private Classes in Dance, Guitar, Cajón  and Compás for both individuals and small groups are available at the studio by appointment only.


The advantages of a more focused learning experience tailored to your needs are immeasurable, and one-on-one tuition should be considered at all stages of your learning. These classes can help to improve your skills to take you to the next level, prepare you for a performance, or aid with skill refinement and polishing. 

We have limited day and evening availabilities for private individual and small group (2-5 people) lessons in Brunswick.
Private lessons can be arranged with the artists of Arte Kanela Flamenco in Flamenco Guitar (with Richard Tedesco),
Cajón and Compás (with Johnny Tedesco), or Dance (with Chantelle Cano).

Fill out the form below to enquire further and arrange a private class. Discounts for prepaid 5+ private dance class programmes are also available. 

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