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With elegance and ferocity unmatched, Chantelle Cano is respected as one of Australia’s prominent Flamenco dancers. 

Following invitations to perform in the theatre productions “Flamenco del Alma” and “Flamenco Entre Amigos” (dir. Diana Reyes), she moved interstate in 2006 to work as a soloist with Arte Kanela Flamenco and since then, her place with the ensemble has been firmly fixed. With Arte Kanela, she has performed at prestigious festivals including Womadelaide, Womad NZ, Woodford Folk Festival and the Taranaki International Arts Festival (NZ), and later became the recipient of the Ian Potter Culural Grant (2008). She has worked with international Flamenco artists Naike Ponce, Cristina Soler and Puerto Flamenco, and has collaborated with Flamenqueando Productions in the show “Tablao” which toured Perth, Adelaide, Hangzhou and Shanghai (China). In 2018, she was asked to co-present a lecture on “Women in Flamenco” at the Women’s Arts Festival. 

 Chantelle has played an integral role at the Flamenco Performing Arts Studio for the past 15 years, contributing to the promotion and development of  Flamenco culture and arts within the Australian community. She continues to perform and tour with Arte Kanela Flamenco.

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