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Established in 1990, The Flamenco Performing Arts Studio has become Melbourne’s most prominent and one of Australia’s most highly respected institutions for Flamenco workshops and classes.

Co-founded by brothers, Richard and Johnny Tedesco, artists from the internationally renown ensemble Arte Kanela Flamenco, the Studio was inaugurated as a centre for all things Flamenco, offering regular tuition in Flamenco dance, guitar, cajón and percussion. 


The Flamenco Performing Arts Studio focuses on imparting an approach to Flamenco, rather than on building an academy. In this way, we strive to foster aficionados to develop their skills and understanding of Flamenco, extending to the community high-quality tuition and mentoring directly from Flamenco artists who have dedicated and continue to dedicate their lives to the artform. We endeavour to nurture a respect, love and inquisitiveness for Flamenco in our students as they seek to understand the artform’s unique ability to transmit raw emotion through a united language of music and dance. 


With regular dance classes and workshops at the Flamenco Performing Arts Studio imparted by the formidable and most sought-after Flamenco dancer in Australia, Johnny Tedesco and one of the country’s leading young bailaoras, Chantelle Cano, as well as guitar lessons by guitarrista Richard Tedesco, the Flamenco Performing Arts Studio is pivotal to the preservation of Flamenco in Australia.  


The Studio also regularly hosts international touring and guest artists’ workshops and masterclasses in dance, guitar, cajón, cante, compás and palmas, with past maestros at the Studio including Diego del Morao (guitar), Josemi Carmona (guitar), Bandolero (cajón), Isidro Suarez (cajón), Diego Guerrero (cante), Nasrine Rahmani (cajón), David el Gamba (cante & compás), Francesca ‘La Chica’ (dance) and Andrej Vujicic (cajón). 

To learn more about the artists and teachers here at the Flamenco Performing Arts Studio, please click: 

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